How to Benefit from Attending Trade Shows

All this online talk is great and all, but one traditional way that never gets old is attending events to meet new people. There are many retail exhibitions and trade shows available for you to broaden your professional network. From educational talks to showcasing products you will benefit from attending exhibitions, conferences, and trade shows by meeting different kinds of people from various backgrounds that can potentially benefit your business somehow.  

This Post in 5 Seconds

  • The internet is great, but don’t forget to meet people in person.
  • Why trade shows are important, and picking which ones to go to.
  • National Retail Federation’s The Big Show.
  • IRCE Focus Digital Design and Mobile.
  • The Interior Design Show.

It’s Nice to Get Out Sometime…

You may have already heard of NY NOW. This event brings buyers, retailers, and suppliers together to showcase their products and bridge the gap in starting rewarding professional relationships. Ever seen a product on Pinterest, Fancy or Google Images and wonder where it came from? And maybe it’s so cool you know it would be a big hit with your customers. This is the place where you may find the people behind that product. Whether you want to learn about business or meet suppliers, whatever your reason to attend these events will definitely benefit your business one way or another.  

How do I Choose Other Trade Shows or Conferences To Go To?

It seems that when you look for which trade show to attend, let’s say in the United States for example, there’s one almost every week! This could be overwhelming, and you may not be able to go to every single one because that costs time and money. Well, you could narrow it down based on which ones are closest to you or more renowned ones for their guest speakers, exhibitions, and events. Here are three reputable exhibitions, conferences, and trade show to check out.  

Retail’s BIG Show

The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) flagship event is four days long drawing in thousands of retail professionals from various industries. It’s an expo and conference for everything retail. Industry leaders and vendors present topics on growing and maintaining a store, marketing and branding management, merchandising, trends in mobile retail, store experience, and more. This conference is about the importance of the retail industry, how it can change communities, and its endless opportunities Retail’s BIG Show will benefit you because its a one stop shop for everything you need to know about retail and where its going in the future. With the information you can attain and the people you will meet, you will leave knowing a thing or two of something you never knew before. The talks can inspire you to do things differently or integrate new practices into your retail and business workflow. When: January Where: New York, NY, USA When to Catch it Next: January 11th – 14th 2015 Website:

IRCE Focus Digital Design and Mobile

IRCE’s Focus Digital Design and Mobile conference is considered the epicentre of the e-commence world and has been running for 10 years with many more to come. We are in a digital age where customers are buying from mobile phones, tablet, laptops and other devices, so the way people buy and how companies market themselves has as well. It has the broadest set of resources and information that can also help you develop a solid e-commence strategy for your business. Topics include mastering social media, current SEO requirements, and provides easy to follow steps that you can bring with you to integrate into your own business. Keeping in mind the tips you learnt from our last post Using Social Media to Get People in Your Store, this conference will benefit you to take social media and digital marketing to the next level. With the integration of mobile technology and online stores, retail will never be the same again, and this event will prepare you for what comes next. When: March Where: Los Angeles, CA, USA When to Catch it Next: March 16th – 18th, 2015 Website:  

Interior Design Show

The Interior Design Show is a Canadian trade show exhibiting products and their innovative designers. Suppliers, designers, and retailers come to this event from all over to see some pretty inspiring products. Design superstars hold featured presentations discussing their experiences in the design and related industries. In the last 15 years, it has become one of the most successfully reoccurring design events in Canadian history attracting thousands of visitors each year. IDS has gained so much popularity that they also have a second one in Vancouver later in the year. IDS is a breeding ground for networking with different kinds of people as it originally started in Canada’s largest city – Toronto, Ontario. This city thrives on its condo developments and increasing housing market, so home decor and interior design are quite popular in the design industry there. You might even find some products you may want to sell in your own store. When: January, September Where: Toronto, ON. Vancouver, BC, CA When to Catch it Next: September 25th – 28th, 2014 Website:  

The Verdict

It is important to attend exhibitions to grasp a better understanding of the retail industry, e-commerce, and design. As great as the internet is for teaching us everything under the sun, it does not replace experiencing and meeting people in person. They are more likely to remember you and establish a business relationship if you build rapport with them face-to-face. The ones I’ve talked about are just my recommendations – take a look around for events near you! If you get the chance to go to one, get ready for a very insightful experience. So, which exhibitions and/or conferences did you attend that you found intriguing?